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Lower Back Injuries. Many lower back injuries that occur from volleyball are a result of the landing impact after repetitive jumping or due to uneven terrain. Although it is true that occurrences of this injury are much lower compared to other sports, lower back injuries in the form of sprains and strains do occur in beach volleyball.

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Their function is to affect small movements around the ball and socket joint of the shoulder. With the repeated movements of the shoulder in volleyball these can become the scapegoats that start hurting you particularly with a spike or any overhead shots. 2. Wrist Pain. Wrists take a pounding in beach volleyball.

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Despite its popularity relatively little is known about injuries specific to beach volleyball. A 2003 study evaluating professional players detailed a relatively low rate of acute injuries. 1 The most common injuries are to the knee, ankle, and finger. Knee injuries can include tears of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), other knee ligament sprains, and meniscus tears.

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Overuse conditions of the knee, shoulder and lower back are not unusual in volleyball. Ankle injuries. Ankle sprains are the most common acute injuries seen in volleyball athletes, accounting for about 40% of all volleyball related injuries. They occur most commonly at the net when an opposing player lands onto another player’s foot.

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Ankle injuries are the most common injury to volleyball players and responsible for the most lost playing time. Ankle sprains should be immobilized for as short as time as possible to allow for quicker rehabilitation. Every ankle sprain needs an 8-week course of daily rehabilitation exercise to decrease the risk of re-injury.

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The most common beach volleyball injuries include: Rotator Cuff Injuries: Serving and spiking require engagement of the rotator cuff muscles. These muscles frequently become irritated from overuse and repetitive use. As a result, tendonitis of the rotator cuff muscles is common in beach volleyball players.

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The ankle is the most commonly injured joint, but the knee, shoulder, low back, and fingers also are vulnerable. The shoulder in particular is subject to extreme torque when hitting and jump serving the ball. Some injuries have a predilection for those playing on sand versus those playing in an indoor court.

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Beach volleyball is a fun activity, but be careful not to hurt yourself in the wet sand. The most common injuries while such activities are tissue injuries, muscle sprains and ankle ligaments, that usually are not that dangerous and can be avoided with a little precaution.