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Tennis Court Dimensions – How Big Is A Tennis Court

Key Tennis Court Dimensions. Overall Length: 78 ft / 23.77 m; Overall Width: 27 ft / 8.23 m ...

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Tennis courts have an overall length of 78’ (23.77 m), a singles width of 27’ (8.2 m), and a doubles width of 36’ (11 m). The overall area of a tennis court is 2,808 ft2 (260.9 m2). +

Tennis Court Dimensions & Measurements

Size of a Tennis Court (Standard) The minimum suggested length of a tennis court is 120 ft. and the minimum suggested width is 60 ft., giving 7,200 sq. ft. (minimum) of total area needed for a single one court.

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Since there are different sizes of tennis courts, they all have specific dimensions allowed for size. Recreational: 114′ x 56′ – 34.8m x 17.1m – 6,383sq. feet – 593.09 m2 International (minimum): 120′ x 60′ – 36.6m x 18.3m – 7,200sq. feet – 668.90 m2

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For doubles tennis, the court size is 23.77m x 10.97 (length x width). The standard of a tennis court net is stretched across the width of the court, parallel to the boundary line, and divided equally into both sides. Thus, the tennis net’s height is 914 mm in the middle and 1.07 m in the two net posts.


TENNIS COURT DIMENSIONS The court is 78 feet (23.77 meters) long. Its width is 27 feet (8.23 meters) for singles matches and 36 feet (10.97 meters) for doubles matches. The service line is 21 feet (6.40 meters) from the net. P14

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Tennis Court Size for Home . Though all registered tennis club and tournament courts have the same size, the tennis court size for home can differ. It can be scaled down as per your preference but not so much that you can’t exchange shots conveniently. Image Credit: Housely. The most popular tennis home size is 33m x 16m.

Official Tennis Court Dimensions

Tennis Court Length (Singles and Doubles): 78 feet (23.77 m) Tennis Court Width (Singles: 27 feet (8.23m) Tennis Court Width (Doubles): 36 feet (10.97m) Tennis net posts height: 3-1/2 feet (1.07m) Tennis net height (at center): 3 feet (0.914m) Maximum diameter of cord or metal net cable: 1/3 inch (0.8cm) Maximum width of strap for net: 2 inches (5cm)